Above the Clouds

Our Vision

To empower people with exceptional abilities to rise above expectations in the business world and beyond.

Core Values

We strongly believe in our core values, and aim to bring them into everything we do. No matter what our current focus, we will refer back to our core values to ensure that we stay on track with the mission of this organization.

Our Focuses

In casting vision for the future of our nonprofit organization, we've decided to make our plans within the framework of 4 stages, each with a distinct focus that will help us decide which steps we will take to empower people with exceptional abilities. We believe it is important to plan ahead and be intentional with how we move forward, but we also know that it's important to be flexible, and will adjust our plans as needed.

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Current Focus

The foundation of Limitless’ services will be strong community relationships. Our current focus is to network and develop partnerships with volunteers, donors, and individuals with exceptional abilities. 

​​What we plan to do:

  • Establish lasting community relationships

  • Conduct initial fundraising efforts

  • Create a website with valuable content

    • Micro-enterprise resources for the exceptionally abled

    • Blog with engaging content including entrepreneurial success stories

    • Micro-enterprise directory (local & national)

    • Client portal with additional resources

  • Create a social media presence with content valuable to current and potential micro-enterprise owners

  • Offer online networking opportunities for current and potential micro-entrepreneurs with exceptional abilities

  • Offer resources and assistance to any current clients




Estimated start date: January 2023

Once we’ve established a foundation of relationships, we plan to move into a focus on collaboration. Within this focus, Limitless will act as the bridge between micro-entrepreneurs and the professional assistance and resources they need. The business professionals we’ve established relationships with will provide the direct services to clients who contact us.

​​What we plan to do:

  • Be a central point-of-contact for people with exceptional abilities to find the business services they need for their micro-enterprises

    • Open phone line for information and resources

    • Appointment scheduling with our partners such as

      • Marketers

      • Accountants

      • Photographers/videographers

      • Graphic designers

    • Up-to-date information on our website with local and online resources

  • Offer business training opportunities

    • Webinars and in-person training on relevant topics such as

      • Micro-Entrepreneurship 

      • Branding & Marketing

      • Business Plan Development

      • California Self-Determination Program

      • SSI Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)

    • Nine-week business crash course with the following topics

      • Week One: Business Basics

      • Week Two: Idea Exploration

      • Week Three: Market Research

      • Week Four: Branding

      • Week Five: Marketing

      • Week Six: Procurement Process

      • Week Seven: Financial

      • Week Eight: Legal

      • Week Nine: Soft Launch

  • Facilitate business mentorship opportunities

  • Offer necessary specialized equipment and resources for Limitless clients

  • Host Limitless events including Makers’ Markets





Estimated start date: January 2025

In the next focus, coworking, we will focus on establishing dedicated workspaces with in-house services lead by micro-enterprise consultants. We will also conduct large-scale business conferences for business owners with exceptional abilities.

​​What we plan to do:

  • Rent or purchase dedicated workspaces in convenient locations for Limitless clients to access

  • Purchase large equipment to be shared amongst clients such as

    • Screen printer

    • Embroidery machines

    • Laser engraver

    • General shop tools

  • Hire micro-enterprise consultants to walk alongside clients interested in starting a micro-enterprise

  • Hire in-house specialists in various professional industries

  • Organize yearly large-scale business conferences for business owners with exceptional abilities

    • Networking opportunities

    • Vendors

    • Professional seminars



Estimated start date: January 2027

Once we’ve established our organization locally, we have plans to grow! Micro-enterprise services for the exceptionally abled are severely lacking across the country, and even around the world. In addition to geographical growth, we also plan to extend our services to other underserved populations such as former foster youth: teaching business skills if desired, but also offering training to enter a career in supportive care for people with disabilities.