What You Can Do

If we’re going to change society’s perspective toward developmental disabilities, we need your help! You can make a significant difference. You can change the narrative from one of negativity to one that radiates positivity into the minds of individuals with exceptional abilities. And you can do this in three simple ways:

Be an advocate.

When conversations come up surrounding individuals with developmental disabilities, be the voice of positivity. Encourage your friends, family, and coworkers to view people with exceptional abilities as people who have the ability to change the world.


When you purchase products and services from our business owners, you are enabling them to grow and fulfill their greatest potential, and you will have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with these inspiring individuals. (Micro-Enterprise Directory coming soon)

Partner with Limitless. 

We cannot provide the support these business owners need without you!  When you partner with us by giving time, resources, or funds, you join us in our mission to bridge the gaps for individuals with exceptional abilities, making the world a brighter place in the process.



Subscribe or make a one-time donation

It's easy to make a secure donation of any amount online. Multiply the impact: subscribe and partner with us every moth!

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Make an in-kind donation: services

Do you have skills that would benefit our participants? We're always looking for professionals willing to donate their time and expertise.

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Purchase items from our registry

You can also purchase specific items we currently need! Check out our gift registry to see what our immediate needs are.

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Make an in-kind donation: resources

As we expand and serve more individuals, we often need to acquire new resources to help them excel in their micro-enterprise.

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