Though we were not planning to get involved in coffee, we were unexpectedly gifted a mobile coffee cart at the beginning of 2021, and we started brewing! Much sooner than we expected, we were given an opportunity to get the cart in the community.

We are happy to announce that the Limitless coffee cart will be stationed at CityServe!

CityServe is "a collaborative network that empowers and resources local churches to confront some of the most entrenched needs in their own neighborhoods and throughout the world." Based in Bakersfield, they have quickly become a fixture in our community. The CityServe HUB is located at 3201 F Street, right in the center of OUR city!

Running the Limitless Coffee Cart at CityServe will be a wonderful opportunity for Limitless to raise funds for our services, employ a client interested in food service, and to get more involved in the community.

But in order for this plan to work, we need your help!


The cart will be run on donations, and we'll need the funds to both maintain the cart and pay the barista a fair salary (who will also be the first Limitless client). Your support, whether through donations or by visiting the coffee cart for your morning or afternoon caffeine boost, will help us raise funds and further our mission to equip business owners with exceptional business owners! The CityServe HUB will be open to the public SOON: we will update the website and our social media channels as soon as we know the date! We can't wait to see you in person and serve you a hot cup of coffee!

Please consider a monthly or one-time donation, or browse our wishlist for items we need! Thank you for your support.


A big thank you to our partners Pay it Forward Coffee for donating the coffee cart, and Bakersfield Roasting Company for providing the coffee beans and other products/assistance! This would not be possible without their support of our mission. 

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